Lethbridge Sport Flyers/COPA Flight 24

Local Field Co-ordinates

The owners of these fields are not responsible for the information on this page. This is 100% use at your own risk should you choose to land at these fields. These are intended as information for personal use or for emergencies. The local frequency in use by most UL pilots in Southern Alberta is 123.45 Mhz around Lethbridge and 123.40 elsewhere but each field may be using a different frequency.

The map below shows the approximate location of the listed fields. 

Fletcher: N49 49.958/W112 59.716

Gunnlaugson: N49 38.197/W112 41.292

Janzen: N49 44.495/W112 44.300

Knelsen: N49 44.822/W112 42.140

Laycock: N49 33.000/W112 45.600

Rednek: N49 49.000/W112 31.000

Schlinker: N49 58.355/W110 43.589

Swidinsky N49 45.938 W112 51.564

Taber N49 49 36 W 112 11 06

Van Dyke N49 50.218/W113 04.921

Van Egmond: N49 47.574/W112 51.542

Van Marion N49 43.534/W110 50.204

Valgardson N49.77/W112.15

Wilson: N49 48.023/W112 26.225

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